Danger Due to Often Drink Coffee for Men and Women

Like to drink coffee? Heart of hearts don't get too often and too many Yes. Drinking too much coffee can be bad for the health of our body. What are the consequences often drink coffee?

Coffee has been like to be a part in the life of a day today. Breakfast or just hanging out is often accompanied by coffee and snacks. Drinking coffee is actually also very beneficial to the body (read also: how to make French press coffee ).

Although useful, turns out to be too much to consume coffee turns to negative effect conferring to the body.

Due to Frequent Drinking black coffee and instant coffee

Do you like coffee? Black coffee or instant coffee turns out to have negative effect also for the body. Here we discuss anything due to often drink coffee.

1. Constipation or constipation
Constipation or constipation is a situation where the process is difficult because the CHAPTER keaadaan fecal (stool).

2. increase stomach acid
Often feel begah after drinking coffee? This happens because coffee tends to be acidic may increase stomach acid. Especially when you consume coffee when the circumstances of an empty stomach.

3. increase the risk of disorders of the eye
This applies to those who suffer from Glaucoma or those who have a family history of glaucoma. Glaucoma sufferers are advised not to consume coffee because of increased blood flow due to the influence of caffeine is very influential to increased pressure of the eyeball or intra ocular tekananan (TIO).

4. An increase in heart rate
After a coffee some people often feel the heart or chest thumping. It is very related to the performance of caffeine increases the rate of speed of the blood circulation.

5. Insomnia or difficulty sleeping
Drinking a glass of coffee at night of the day very risky to make us difficult to sleep. Caffeine in coffee nebibgkatkan the performance of the heart and the brain so that the vigilance we are increasing, it's what makes the eyes more durable to awake.

6. increase the risk of osteoporosis
Every time you consume 180 ml of coffee, this will directly effect conferring kadaan on calcium in the body. 180 ml coffee consumption would result in a person losing about 5 mg of calcium. Caffeine will trigger spending of calcium through urine or urine.

7. Causes of dehydration
The caffeine in coffee can be some kind of astringent diuretic which trigger this state of a person's frequent urination. The excess coffee consumption can be influential with its frequent urination so that can trigger the dehydration.

8. Trigger the wrinkles on the face
Although digadang gadangkan contains antioxidants, it turns out the excess coffee consumption can thus trigger the appearance of wrinkles on the face. The excess coffee consumption will increase urination which will trigger the emergence of dehydration if not balanced with adequate water intake. It is these circumstances which resulted in the appearance of wrinkles on the facial area.

9. Increases the risk of miscarriage
Although not yet fully proved, but in pregnant women who consumed coffee more than 3 g3las per day kegugurannya risk becomes even higher. Highly recommended for pregnant women avoid drinking more coffee or reduce your intake of coffee for example two days once enough of one cup of coffee.

10. At risk hard offspring
Drinking too much coffee on women will be very influential towards the production of the hormone estrogen. If this hormone production is disrupted very influential woman so fertility as well as result in difficulty conceiving.

11. Addicted to caffeine
For you who like to drink coffee with the aim to keep awake, originally a cup of coffee can help. But this time will not effect conferring so make you should add more doengan higher doses, so on.

12. Increases the risk of stroke
Coffee will increase levels of trigliserid which will lead to increased body fat which increases the risk of stroke.

13. increase the risk of damage to blood vessels

14. Increase the risk of heart disease
In addition to causing a stroke, trigliserid coffee also caused disruption in the heart.

15. Improve the cholesterol in the body
Well that last result often drink coffee that we must beware. Like drinking coffee may be okay, but it doesn't have to rule out health is also right? Mium coffee to stay healthy, it's good we set so that no excess coffee consumption. At least one cup of coffee per day felt enough is enough.